Our Creed: Preparedness is not just an event it’s a lifestyle

Our mission statement:   Miami Valley Preparedness is a Network introducing individuals to the Self Reliant style of living. By building communities to help people prepare for any natural or man made disaster’s.

We are about planning for life’s events, whether they be a health concern such as: cancer; localized natural disasters like a tornado; or things of an even bigger concern.  We will assist you in understanding the WHY behind planning and also that planning ahead can save you money and help reduce your pains.

A few of the foundations on how to do these are:

1.  Using coupons to save money.

2.  Storing Items and having a two-week supply of food and water, minimum.

3.  Planning ahead, covering topics like EDC (every day carry), Get Home Bags and Bug Out Bags.

4.  Having a Servant’s heart.  We encourage looking at some people of old who did good, such as Jesus.

5.  Having Community.  All of us have skill sets and we can learn from each other.

We meet monthly on Sunday.  Contact us or follow us on Facebook to be sure of the location.  It will be changing as we keep growing!



A great Expo that is local and all about being prepared.


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Our Creed: Preparedness is not just an event it’s a lifestyle.